Behind great projects there are people involved in their development, giving all their potential and desire to build the future of our world (a better future). With our culture, values and team, we are committed to developing that future.

Learn with us

Because without training there is no professional development, we offer you the opportunity to start and grow with us. At Ghenova we have a team dedicated to accompany you throughout the process. We are in constant contact with universities and training centers, facilitating internships.

Work with us

In Ghenova we are committed to the development of your talent, we are committed to continuous training and team growth, so we have people with different expertise in multidisciplinary teams, merging traditional and innovative methodologies and knowledge. We want you to be part of our next challenges.


We all want to be part of a living, expanding project with a future. Ghenova directs its trajectory towards the realization of pioneering projects recognized nationally and internationally. Thanks to the hard work and effort made by our team, our clients choose us again, entrusting us with the development of their most innovative plans. We have a clear direction towards continuous improvement and the creation of internal processes that favor quality and competitiveness in all the sectors in which we work.


We know that a good working environment favors personal and professional development, as well as a positive attitude to face all day-to-day challenges. For this reason, at Ghenova we prioritize good interpersonal relations, favoring team spirit and closeness in the treatment of all members of the company. Cultural diversity, equal opportunities and family reconciliation are key aspects in all of Ghenova's processes and activities. 


During all our processes we seek the satisfaction of our candidates, therefore our methodology is based on close communication, information and accompaniment. Our selection process consists of a telephone interview and a technical interview and, only in some specific cases, we conduct an additional interview. Therefore, we have specialized recruiters who are in charge of all the internal steps that accompany the whole process, providing agility and adaptation to the circumstances of each of our candidates.