Location: Sevilla, SPAIN


Development: 2006-2007

Narrative description of the project:

The A-364 road runs in crossing through Marchena (Spain), causing relevant traffic jams. A 7.6 km bypass is designed, which runs from the perimeter through the east of this locality.  The connection with A-364 is produced through a T road link and a trumpet link in the north and south joins respectively, with three underpasses through reinforced concrete frames and three bridge overpasses in order to allow the continuity of rural paths and livestock trails. For the road surface, it has been executed, as technological research section, 2 km with reinforced concrete continuous pavement. The rest of the surface is flexible bituminous concrete. All the connections with the existing paths and roads, verifying its operation and road safety, selecting the optimal solution based on a functional traffic, economic and technical criteria bases, are studied.


GHENOVA scope of works:

Design of Marchena Bypass construction project.

Ghenova has carried out the layout study, geological and geotechnical study, traffic study, land movement, paving, hydrological and hydraulic study, drainage, superstructure design, and with the corresponding study of road signs. Moreover, Ghenova measured, defined the prices, timetables, budgets, economic and financial assessment of the activity. It also conducts the preparation of Technical and Environmental Impact study specifications with its corrective measures, network restoration and other interrupted infrastructures.