Never before has humanity had so many different sources of energy at its disposal, and all of them are becoming increasingly sustainable and environmentally friendly. The intelligent use of these sources, in an isolated, combined or even hybrid form, will allow us to advance as a society in the rational, efficient and sustainable use of the energy resources available on our planet.

The location, availability and access to these different energy sources, the different consumption profiles and the analysis of the implications of different nature (environmental, economic, security…) make it increasingly necessary to have a deep and complete knowledge of a wide range of technological solutions, in order to provide the appropriate support to a very wide range of clients: developers, builders and installers, large consumers, public and private entities and organisations, etc.

Thanks to our large team of professionals, GHENOVA has extensive experience in energy and industry projects at an international level in multiple technologies. With a refined work methodology based on the best practices and technical and management tools, it has managed to consolidate itself as a world-renowned consultancy firm in the sector, with the capacity to offer ad hoc solutions for each type of project and client, providing consultancy and engineering support, from promotion to assistance in design, construction and commissioning, as well as operation and maintenance support.

Furthermore, in an increasingly connected and digital world, our synergies with the Digital Solutions Area allow us to offer the sector a complete range of advanced di



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