From conceptual design to asset management, our engineering offers a full range of BIM services to meet our clients’ needs, including 3D modeling, project coordination and data management, we are here to drive your project’s success with BIM methodology.


Increase maintenance efficiency with BIM and CMMS integration. Optimizes asset management, maintenance scheduling and inventory tracking for a smooth operation.


Integrating IoT data into BIM models improves interoperability, which means that information flows more seamlessly between different systems and platforms.
Contextual Maintenance
By combining IoT data with BIM models, more contextualized maintenance can be performed, as professionals can access detailed information about the location and context of assets.
Improved Decision Making
Provides a solid foundation for informed asset management and maintenance decisions.

At Ghenova we specialize in implementing efficiency and excellence in the management of design and construction projects.

BIM Methodology

Maximizing efficiency

Optimize the life cycle of a project with BIM, from planning to asset operation.

Collaborative design

BIM facilitates collaboration between teams and disciplines. Break down traditional barriers and enable seamless communication for a successful project.

3D visualization

Make informed decisions with accurate 3D visualizations. With BIM, you can get a complete view of the project.

Cost and Time Optimization

Easily perform cost analysis and virtual scheduling, identifying potential savings and optimizing construction planning.

Data Management Data Management

Easily store, organize and access project information, ensuring data integrity and availability at all times.

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