Ghenova Policy



Quality has become an essential requirement for the maintenance of the usual markets and the achievement of new ones.

Customer satisfaction and the continuous improvement of Quality in our Organization condition its progress, in terms of efficiency, productivity and adaptation to the socio-economic environment.

Pollution prevention and compliance with external commitments, as well as respect for the environment, will characterize our activities and services. To this end, we will not only watch over the environmental performance of our offices and suppliers, but we will also provide our Clients, in the Projects we carry out, with as many environmental improvements and recommendations as we detect.

The GHENOVA Group is committed to prevent damage to the health of its personnel, for which it actively manages all elements of Occupational Health and Safety at Work, eliminating hazards and reducing risks, as well as promoting the consultation and participation of all workers.

The achievement of these objectives, through the satisfaction of all requirements, including applicable legal requirements and subscribed commitments, is the mission of all GHENOVA Group personnel, as well as its suppliers and subcontractors.

The Organization, through the analysis and interpretation of the indicators of its processes, is committed to establish the necessary guidelines to carry out the continuous improvement of the Management System.

Likewise, the GHENOVA Group Management provides the Organization with the means, both human and material, necessary for the performance of the Management System.

The purpose of this Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety Manual is to define and establish the guidelines necessary to ensure that all services provided by the Organization are of the required quality, with the expected environmental impact and adequate occupational safety. Consequently, all of the Organization’s personnel must assume the responsibility that corresponds to their job:

Complying with the guidelines, procedures and instructions applicable to the activities they carry out.
Seeking the constant improvement of the quality of the work and the operation and environmental performance of the GHENOVA Group.

The Director of the Integrated Management System is responsible for promoting and supporting the implementation of the Management System described in this Manual.

All holders of the Manual are requested to be familiar with it, disseminate it, apply it and contribute to its improvement, to the extent of their respective responsibilities.

Francisco Cuervas García

Chief Executive Officer of GHENOVA

Any reproduction, distribution or public communication is forbidden, unless expressly authorized.