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40 years in engineering


Our origin

The GHENOVA Group’s raison d’être goes beyond conventional engineering and we maintain a firm commitment to safety, sustainability and innovation, with a clear international vocation.

Diversification, the key to growth


Our beginnings

Our beginnings date back to the mid 80’s, developing from Seville works of consulting and engineering in traditional sectors: industry, energy, infrastructure and marine. Since the 1990s, we have become the company of choice for our customers. engineering reference This position has been consolidated to date and has allowed us to take advantage of other business opportunities, thanks to various synergies.

The growth and expansion of the GHENOVA Group was based until the end of the 20th century on the provision of integral engineering services and on the establishment in locations close to our main clients, offering a close and quality service.

The Seville office, the Group’s registered office, will soon be joined by other offices in different parts of Spain: Madrid, Ferrol, El Puerto de Santa María, Cartagena, Vigo, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Bilbao and Córdoba complete the national map of our locations to date.

2000 - 2020

External expansion

The Group begins to grow from acquisitions of companies with complementary capabilities to ours and we invest to establish ourselves where there is talent and business opportunities, maintaining our philosophy of accompanying the client in all their engineering services needs.

In 2010, with the opening of the first subsidiary in Brazil, GHENOVA began its expansion into Latin America, establishing a solid presence in the region.

Subsequently, the Group consolidated its commitment to global growth by opening offices in Bolivia, Colombia, Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States and South Korea. Saudi Arabia is scheduled to open in 2024.

We also took advantage of growth opportunities by strengthening our main lines of business, such as the acquisition of SIMAN, our advanced logistics support and maintenance software product, a perfect complement to our services in the security and defense sector. On the other hand, generating disruptive technologies in the field of renewable energies such as Blue Solar or Wind to Power.

Current events

After the pandemic, the Group is growing at a rate of approximately 20% per year, maintaining its international vocation with the opening of new offices in countries such as South Korea, Australia and Saudi Arabia and expanding its portfolio of services, offering advanced solutions in the following areas cybersecurity and the development of the marine renewable energies.

2024 kicks off with more than 1,000 people working in the GHENOVA Group worldwide and we celebrate 40 years of providing advanced engineering services.

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