Our purpose

Talent transformed into solutions.

At Ghenova, our raison d’être goes beyond conventional engineering. We strive to make a significant contribution to society and the environment through a strong commitment to sustainability and innovation.

  • To satisfy the needs of our customers and contribute to economic and technological progress.
    sustainable development of our society, applying engineering with a sustainable and multidisciplinary approach.
  • We believe in a cleaner, more innovative future.
  • To count on the best prepared professionals, training them to provide a close and
    to the needs of the customer, motivating them to grow and develop with confidence and
  • Consolidate leadership as a reference engineering company in the naval, defense and renewable energy sectors.
    We offer flexible solutions adapted to the customer’s needs.
  • To diversify, consolidate and sustainably expand our portfolio of services, enhancing multidisciplinary consulting and engineering solutions in energy and industry, waste recovery and efficient use of water, digital services, cybersecurity, logistics or transportation or any activity related to engineering.
  • To offer integrated packages of solutions to your needs, taking advantage of the synergies between our areas of expertise.
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Sustainable Commitment: Our Sustainability Policy.

We demonstrate an unwavering commitment to respecting and protecting the environment, as well as to responsible practices that encompass not only environmental, but also social and economic aspects, promoting a sustainable balance for present and future generations.

We have numerous certifications that guarantee our commitment and responsibility.

Collective Conscience: Our social commitment

At GHENOVA, we recognize our social responsibility as a fundamental pillar of our corporate identity wherever we are established.

We promote the employment of young people, and therefore collaborate with universities and vocational training centers to contribute to their initial job training and professional growth. A very high percentage of scholarship recipients remain with the Group at the end of their scholarships.

We promote diversity by participating in women’s entrepreneurship programs or internships for women in companies. Also as the main sponsor of the GHENOVA Cocos women’s rugby team, we further our commitment to women’s sports.

We contribute to the fight against poverty or the social inclusion of people at risk of exclusion, through collaboration with organizations such as the Food Bank Foundation.

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Our commitment to innovation: Powering the future

Innovation drives our path to the future. We are at the forefront of engineering, creating solutions that transform challenges into opportunities, from the most innovative perspectives.

We participate in R&D&I initiatives and consortiums related to our activity.

Strategic alliances: integrating with local communities

We engage with local communities through strategic alliances in all locations where we have a presence.

We actively participate in associations, technology clusters and collaborations with universities, establishing a solid network that allows us to integrate into the local community that welcomes us, access specialized resources and promote innovation.

These alliances allow us to contribute to the development and growth of those places where we operate.

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Engineering References

In Europe and Latin America

The synergy between our business lines and continuous innovation allows us to offer comprehensive and customized solutions to our customers.