We provide solutions to real problems through the use of technology.

GHENOVA brings, adapts and integrates digital technology to any company that requires it, in an efficient, agile and sustainable way. Being the technological partner of our customers, making their needs our responsibility, and offering solutions to real problems through the use of technology.

The cultural shift of organizations towards a digital mindset can give us the ability to incorporate new, more efficient practices that allow us to dedicate more time and effort to human value. At GHENOVA, we leverage digital technology and information to transform the way we deliver value to our customers. Efficiency, productivity, performance, traceability, decision making…

At Ghenova Digital we are experts in the data value chain.

The data value chain is the end-to-end process of capturing, transforming, managing, storing and analyzing an organization's data, with the objective of adding value in each of the business operations, improving visibility and decision making.

Our services

Data Analytics

Data is one of the most valuable assets for companies in the digital age. Our expertise in the data value chain allows us to guide organizations through every stage, from data capture and storage to analysis and strategic application of data.


From conceptual design to asset management, our engineering offers a full range of BIM services to meet our clients' needs, including 3D modeling, project coordination and data management.

Software development

An integrated and customized software solution helps meet the unique needs of a business. Ad-hoc development ensures a result that is fully aligned with business objectives.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines or computer systems. These human intelligence processes include learning, reasoning, problem solving, and self-correction.

Internet of things

We understand that the future of technology is based on the intelligent interconnection of devices and systems. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the backbone of this digital revolution, enabling communication and data collection between physical objects over the Internet.

Virtual Reality

At Ghenova Digital we have simulation capabilities based on immersive virtual reality, an innovative technology that transports users to highly realistic and immersive virtual environments. With immersive virtual reality, users can experience simulated situations and scenarios.

Featured projects


ALGAE Pilot plant

Neste’s algae pilot plant aims to validate the cultivation of algae in open ponds and the harvesting, drying and pelletization of algae biomass in Spain.

napant projetos site.jpg


The Brazilian Navy builds its new Antarctic Support Vessel. This contract is an important milestone for GHENOVA Brazil to consolidate its leadership in the Brazilian shipbuilding market.

Estudios ALI para la CDPA del VCR 8X8

ALI studies for CDPA of VCR 8X8

GHENOVA SIMAN performed the FMECA (MIL-STD 1629A), AAF (UNE-EN61025:2011) and Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Testability Analysis (RAMT) studies.

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Engineering References

In Europe and Latin America

The synergy between our business lines and continuous innovation allows us to offer comprehensive and customized solutions to our customers.