Ghenova establishes itself in the Canary Islands, creating some twenty jobs and plans to double them soon

Regional and local authorities and private companies of the sector have participated this Tuesday in the inauguration of the office of Ghenova, a Sevillian company leader in naval, energy, infrastructure, digital projects, etc. in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Ghenova’s CEO, Francisco Cuervas, thanked those present for having accompanied them on this milestone for the company. “Talent and market is what brings us to the Canary Islands. We discovered that we had a significant number of Canary Islanders in our ranks and decided that we had to have a presence in the Canary Islands,” he said. According to Cuervas, Ghenova has had an exponential growth in its 40 years of history, and it was after the pandemic when it doubled its turnover and employees, closing 2023 with 43.5 M € and 1025 employees. “We have about 20 workers here today but this office has capacity for 40, which is our goal. By the end of the year we want to see this office full,” he said.

The general manager, Raúl Arévalo, has focused on one of its objectives, which is the creation of quality employment. “We work to achieve fair working conditions but also an environment that enhances personal and professional skills,” he said. “We thus open up the possibility of having local personnel already familiar with our vision and work process,” he said. The executive managing director of Proexca, Pablo Martín Carbajal, thanked Ghenova for choosing the Canary Islands as one of its new work centers, an office which joins the group’s subsidiaries in more than 8 countries: Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia and Australia,

USA United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and South Korea. Martín Carbajal highlighted the importance of this event, which is the result of the joint work that has been carried out since last year when both teams met during a mission to the peninsula organized by Proexca. “We are convinced of the great successes they will experience here, because of the bright future that lies ahead for this sector in the Canary Islands,” he added.

This result is part of the strategic lines of the regional government to diversify the economy of the islands in emerging and strategic sectors, such as those related to the Blue Economy in which Ghenova’s activity is framed, as Martín Carvajal recalled.

Another of the objectives that have been highlighted is the search for new markets, such as the African market, which is strategically located next to the Canary Islands, a territory with which the islands have already established commercial ties and have valuable know-how. They also highlight the tricontinental nature of the Islands as an advantage for collaborations with the projects they develop in Latin America.

Cuervas and Arevalo were accompanied by the director of Business Prospects, Javier Alejo; the director of Communications, Cristina Cuervas; the director of the Canary Islands office, Boris Carballo; and the deputy director of the Canary Islands office, Eduardo Santana.