Gemcorp, in partnership with Sonangol Refinação, plans to build the Cabinda refinery in Angola as part of the government’s strategy to develop oil refining.
Cabinda refineria

of the project

Name: Cabinda
Client: OEC
Location: Malembo, CABINDA
Year of development: 2021-2022

Narrative description of the project

In line with the Angolan Government’s strategy to develop the oil refining sector to reduce the country’s dependence on imports of petroleum products, GemcorpCapitalLLLP(Gemcorp), in partnership with GemcorpCapitalLLLP(Gemcorp), in collaboration withSonangol Refinação,SA(Sonaref), intends to build the Cabinda refinery, with a processing capacity of 60,000 bpd. The Cabinda refinery project will be located in the province and municipality of Cabinda, in the city and municipality of Malembú. and municipality of Malembo, about 19 km north of the city of Cabinda. The nearest villages are Malembocontinuing on the national road EN100, about 3.8 km away, and Sassa-Zau, on the paved inland road, about 8 km away.

Scope of Ghenova's work

Basic review and detailed engineering

Consistency analysis of basic design/FEED and detailed engineering of all disciplines, process and mechanical, piping, civil works, structures and architecture, electrical and instrumentation and control.

In addition, engineering services related to supply engineering, testing and commissioning, and support for maintenance operations are offered within this area.

Testing and Commissioning and AsBuilts.

Detailed ductwork engineering is included in the scope in accordance with ASMEB31.4.20kmo for product routing.

12″ of crude oil pipe

10″ of naphtha tubing

8″ of oil pipe

6″ of jet fuel piping