proyecto eclosion

Narrative description of the project

As part of the ECLOSION Project, the Hazop (Hazard and Operability Study) of the Jerez de la Frontera Pilot Plant took place at the beginning of October. The study was led by GHENOVA with the participation of Aqualia, H2B2, Ariema and Clantech. The ECLOSION project aims to develop new materials, technologies and processes for the generation, storage, transport and use of renewable hydrogen and biomethane obtained from biowaste, as well as energy optimization tools. The Jerez Pilot Plant, soon to be built within the facilities of the Guadalete WWTP managed by Aqualia, will consist of a regeneration plant for treated wastewater, a photovoltaic solar field in an isolated microgrid, a hybrid electrical storage system of batteries and supercapacitors, an electrolyzer with an experimental stack, a hydrogen compression and bottling system, a fuel cell and an experimental hydride compressor. The study took place at GHENOVA’s headquarters in Seville, during which the plant’s operability was analyzed, identifying the risks associated with it and taking the necessary measures to minimize them.