It is Hong Kong’s first integrated municipal solid waste facility. As a key part of Hong Kong’s waste management strategy.
Proyecto HONG KONG Integrated Waste Management Facility

of the project

Name: Hong Kong
Client: Keppel Seghers
Location: Shek Kwu Chau coast, south of Lantau Island, HONG KONG
Year of development: 2020-2021

Narrative description of the project

IWMF is a flagship project for HK waste management. It is Hong Kong’s first integrated municipal solid waste facility. As a key part of Hong Kong’s waste management strategy, it is able to reduce the total volume of waste treated at the facility by more than 90%, thereby extending the useful life of the landfills. Hong Kong currently dumps its non-recycled waste in landfills. The IWMF consists of a WTE plant, a mechanical treatment plant and ancillary facilities, including an administration building, a visitors’ center, port handling facilities, as well as desalination and wastewater treatment plants. Contracted to treat about 3,000 tons of mixed municipal solid waste per day, the WTE plant will feature Keppel Seghers’ proven WTE technology, with its air-cooled grate, boiler design and advanced combustion control system. It will be capable of producing approximately 480 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of gross electricity per year. In addition, the WTE plant will also use Keppel Seghers’ flue gas cleaning system, ensuring that the plant’s emissions will meet Hong Kong and EU standards, which are among the most stringent international standards available.

Scope of Ghenova's work

Detailed engineering and 3D modeling of piping and cable laying:

Redesign of P&IDs and revision of piping specifications
PipeWork is divided into different stages:
– Prefab1, Prefab2, Prefab3 and General. For each one, the deliverables are Weekly Navisworks Model
– Collision detection Isometric and pipe tracing.
– Design and calculation of primary and secondary supports Load List
-Stress analysis,
– Bill of quantities for piping, supports and insulation.
– Reaction forces on steel structure.
– Weight and gravity point of prefabricated pipelines, including temporary attachment points for shipping.
– PED compliance for design and calculation of flange leakage.

Detailed E&I design calculation:
– Cable sizing of the main electrical consumers.
– Cable routing for all instrumentation, for the entire automation network and package units.
– Integration of all local operator panels in the process area.
– Integration of all AFD boxes in the process area (for Profibus PA network).
– Integration of all junction boxes for electrical trace heating.
– E&I Detailed design calculation.
– Functional descriptions.