As a result of a new program to create cleaner, smarter and more efficient ships, the Meraviglia class was born.
MERAVIGLIA E34 Meraviglia Meraviglia plus Class 1024x363 1

of the project

Client: Chantiers de L’Atlantique
Location: France
Year of development: 2015-2016

Narrative description of the project

The Meraviglia class is the result of a long development of a Chantier program to create cleaner, smarter and more efficient ships. MSC Meraviglia does not produce any liquid waste and is able to neutralize its smoke and CO2 emissions.

Scope of Ghenova's work

Conceptual engineering:

– Hull design of technical and accommodation areas. Detailed engineering

– Detailed design of the hull and equipment ACCOMMODATION AREA, Main vertical zone 1 to zone 5.

– Coordination of steel piping and equipment with iso drawings, layout drawings and penetration drawings, including industrialization.

– Design of equipment details TECHNICAL AREAS, on-site technical assistance.

– Elevation studies to 167 blocks.

Cargo ship projects:

– GHENOVA has also participated in the sister engineering projects:

– Second sister: Bellísima (F34). OUTFITTING.

– Third sister: Grandiosa (G34). OUTFITTING Fourth sister: Virtuosa. Outfitting.

– Fifth sister: (No named) V34 construction, gas converted. Outfitting + lifting + flexibility calculations.