Colombia’s maritime development has imposed an increasing need for naval presence and coverage. This will require in the future either renovation or, failing that, a new modernization.
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of the project

Name: Plots
Client: Colombian Navy
Location: Cartagena de Indias, COLOMBIA
Year of development: 2021

Narrative description of the project

Colombia’s maritime development has been imposing an increasing need for naval presence and coverage, which will require in the future either the renewal or a new modernization of the submarine fleet. To meet this strategic objective of the nation the Navy has implemented the “Procyon” Naval Construction and Optimization plan, which includes the “Ploteos” project, which refers to an oceanic submarine designed to operate in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, in peacetime or crisis for the defense of national sovereignty, independently, or as part of a combined task force.

Scope of Ghenova's work

Consulting for the Technical Definition of the PLOTEOS program:

– Support in the identification and analysis of trade-off capabilities in terms of cost and effectiveness.
– Passive acoustic detection systems.
– Active acoustic detection systems.
– Submarine-to-surface missile systems.
– Systems to develop mine warfare (MIW).
– Acoustic countermeasure (ACM) systems.
– Special operations deployment systems (equipment and personnel).
– Conventional diesel propulsion and generation systems vs. air independent propulsion (AIP).
– Support in the preliminary risk assessment of technical alternatives.