The scope of the Abha Metropolitan WTS Phase 2 Part A project is to provide a wider distributed water network in the Abha Metropolitan City region.
Proyecto Abha metropolitan

of the project

Client: Pipelab
Location: Abha Region (SAUDI ARABIA)
Year of development: 2022-2023

Narrative description of the project

The scope of the Abha Metropolitan WTS Phase 2 Part A project is to provide a wider distributed water network in the metropolitan region of the city of Abha, connected to the already operated water network. Water distributed in the metropolitan region of the city of Abha, connected to the system already operated and commissioned in Phase 1. For the implementation of Phase 2, the stations will be interconnected. The design and construction of: – A new gravity water conveyance pipeline starting from the existing AM1WTS intake and terminating at the connection to the existing Dhahran Al-Janoub gravity line, with an approximate length of 25.1 km and a diameter of 48″, 40″ and 36″. In addition, the gravity line includes new connection and branch stations at Al Borg, Al Rawna, Military City and a future branch to Ahad Rafidah. – Two new steel water tanks at the Military City station, with a storage capacity of 30,000 m3 each. – A tie-in connection from the new gravity pipeline to the existing Dhahran Al-Janoub pipeline for emergency purposes. – A future connection will be established from the Al Mahfouza reservoirs on the tie line between the Phase 2 and Phase 3 reservoirs after valve pit No. C25-024 with a reduced T (88″/68″), a valve pit and cap to the fence of the Phase 2 reservoirs and after Phase 2 reservoirs. – A by-pass will be installed around the existing flow control valve at the Al Sharaf reservoir station. – A 24-inch pipe connection with an approximate length of 100 m will be installed to connect the existing Ben Noaman reservoirs to the Al Badea reservoirs.

Scope of Ghenova's work


Design of pumping stations/tanks:
– Develop a complete 3D model of a pumping station or reservoir incorporating structural, roadway, piping and equipment elements. Interfaced with process engineering, Isometric Drawing and MTO can be exported with respect to piping, fitting and equipment.
– Based on the top view, a General Plot Plan, an Excavation Plan as well as the Yard Well Plans with the drainage concept incorporated can be extracted from the 3D model.
In addition, guide drawings can be extracted to serve as the basis for the construction documents for the following structures:
– Pumphouse.
– Electrical building.
– Wells.
– etc.

Piping design:
– Professional alignment sheets that cover the entire pipe run.
– Drawings of ventilation, drainage and washing wells.

Civil engineering:
– Our qualified and experienced Civil Engineers provide the Client with a very professional and comprehensive Static and Dynamic Design Report respecting all relevant load cases.

Civil Design:
As they are already designed in the 3D model, the following Construction Documents can be extracted and provided to the Contractor’s site team:
– Formwork plan.
– Armor plane.
– Bar bending list.

Electric power:
For reliable and sustainable plant operation, our electrical engineers prepare a professional and comprehensive design of the electrical power supply system including, but not limited to, the following documents:
– One-line diagram.
– Electrical charging program.
– Calculation of the size of the main equipment.
– Calculation of cable size.
– Calculation of the grounding network.