E-SHyIPS brings together stakeholders from the maritime and hydrogen sector, as well as international experts, to gather new knowledge based on the revision of the regulatory framework.
Proyecto E SHyIPS

of the project

Name: E-ShyIPS
Client: European Community
Location: European Union
Year of development: 2021-2025

Narrative description of the project

The market potential of hydrogen fuel cells in the maritime sector has been demonstrated in recent years with several ship projects. However, there is still no regulatory framework applicable to hydrogen-fueled ships. E-SHyIPS brings together maritime and hydrogen industry stakeholders and international experts to gather new knowledge based on a review of the regulatory framework and experimental data on ship design, safety systems, materials and components, and bunkering procedures. The approach is “ship independent”, to avoid the burdens of customized projects, and focuses on risk and safety assessment methodologies. On this basis, e-ShyIPS will define a pre-standardization plan for the update of the IGF code for passenger ships with hydrogen-based fuels and a roadmap for boosting the hydrogen economy in the maritime sector.

Scope of Ghenova's work

GHENOVA coordinates and develops the Engineering, Safety and Systems activities for the particular experiments and the overall design of the vessel. Such methodology employs specialized knowledge and skills in the application of scientific engineering principles, criteria and techniques to identify hazards and then eliminate the hazards or reduce the associated risks when the hazards cannot be eliminated. Defines safety requirements for the design, taking into account potential risks, verification and validation of effective mitigation and acceptance of residual risk.
Vessel safety systems for ventilation, gas detection and fire detection of fuel stacks on board will be defined according to.