Design, development and launch of an application to optimize the tobacco order certification process for a logistics services company.
Proyecto Optimizacion certificacion pedidos

of the project

Name: Optimization of the order certification process
Client: ANAVA
Location: Cartagena de Indias, Industrial Zone of Mamonal
Year of development: 2023

Narrative description of the project

The challenge posed was the need to optimize the dispatch certification process for one of the client’s most important customers. This process involved verifying that the order information generated by the distribution application matched what was physically received by the dispatcher. Previously, the customer performed this certification process manually, physically checking the information on the printed orders against what arrived from the warehouse at the loading and dispatch area. The optimization sought was to allow the automatic reading of the barcodes of the products in each order, contrasting them immediately with the information received from the warehouse application. In addition, it was necessary to store the history of certification processes and to facilitate manual or on-demand extraction of this data by other applications. During the development of the software tool to optimize this process, the scope and budget of the contract was expanded to include the automatic generation of stickers with relevant information on each tobacco order after certification. The result was the creation, development and commissioning of an application that allows managing the certification process from a tablet, facilitating the entry of order elements manually or by means of a barcode reading device. In addition, this application historically records the processes carried out, relating users, dates and elements of the orders. Implemented the ability to print labels according to the information fields indicated by the customer. GHD provided the necessary support during the initial operation of the application and continues to provide support to date.

Scope of Ghenova's work

Technologies used:

– NodeJs

– Angular

– Microservices

– Python

– Django