Digital transformation plan for supermarkets (C&C DÍAZ CADENAS)

The Ghenova Digital team conducted a consultancy in order to assess the level of digitalization, focusing on three work units; logistics, physical store and administration.
Proyecto Digital Supermercado DIA 1

of the project

Name: Digital Transformation Plan for a supermarket chain
Client: Diaz Cadenas Cash & Carry
Location: Seville
Year of development: 2022

Narrative description of the project

The challenge consisted of the integral digitalization of the logistics, physical store and administration areas of our client’s supermarket chain, who, given the proliferation of technologies and the apparent associated complexity, lacked a clear direction to start this process. To address this challenge, Ghenova Digital carried out an exhaustive consultancy with the objective of identifying points of improvement and areas for digitalization that would allow the client to achieve its business goals. As a result of this consultancy, the client is now prepared to face the digitalization era, achieving the optimization of processes with improvement potential. The result of numerous trips, meetings and technical analysis of the team is materialized in a document delivered to the client. This document includes the main technological challenges identified: – Proposals for improvement. – Anticipated risks . – Technologies proposed for the digitization project. – Detailed work plan to address the project. Among the use cases highlighted in the consultancy are two key initiatives. First, – The development of in-store heat mapping, which involves the installation of BLE tags on carts and/or baskets in the supermarket. This makes it possible to track the path of the cart within the store, analyze the time elapsed and the stops in different sections. By cross-referencing this information with actual purchases, conclusions can be drawn about purchase intentions, shelf layout improvements to encourage cross-selling, and possible price adjustments. – Optimization of product picking through the use of BLE tags, in order to achieve efficient and accurate warehouse management. This approach allows for a more agile and effective product selection, thus improving efficiency in the supply chain.

Scope of Ghenova's work

– Integral Consultancy: A complete consultancy process, addressing the critical areas of logistics, physical store and administration. This holistic approach made it possible to identify opportunities and areas for digitization.

– Align data generation and collection with identified needs.

– Development of strategic document: Delivery of a strategic document that condenses the results of the consultancy. This document includes the main technological challenges detected, proposals for improvement, foreseen risks, suggested technologies for the digitalization project and a detailed work plan.

– Preparation for the Digitalization Era: Thanks to our consulting and proposed solutions, the client is now in a solid position to face the digitalization era. We have provided the strategic and technological tools necessary to optimize processes and face the associated challenges successfully.