Simulation based on Immersive Virtual Reality

At Ghenova Digital we have simulation capabilities based on immersive virtual reality, an innovative technology that transports users to highly realistic and immersive virtual environments. With immersive virtual reality, users can experience simulated situations and scenarios in a completely new and immersive way.

Fully Immersive Experience

Through the use of virtual reality devices, such as viewers and controllers, users can fully immerse themselves in three-dimensional virtual environments, creating an unprecedented sense of presence and realism.

Customizable Environments and Simulated Scenarios

In which sectors can it be applied? We create highly detailed virtual environments and simulated scenarios tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Whether for training, product design or prototype testing, our environments can be customized to meet a variety of objectives.

Immersive Training and Process Simulation

Our technology enables the creation of highly effective training programs and complex process simulations. From technical skills training to practicing medical procedures, immersive virtual reality offers a safe and effective way to train and simulate realistic situations.

Augmented Virtual Reality (AR)

In addition to our immersive virtual reality-based simulation capabilities, we also offer augmented virtual reality (AR) solutions that combine virtual elements with the user’s physical environment. Augmented virtual reality offers a unique experience that merges the real world with virtual elements, enabling a wide range of innovative applications.

Integration of Real World and Virtual Elements

Users can view and interact with virtual elements superimposed on the real world through devices such as smartphones, tablets or AR glasses. This integration creates immersive and contextualized experiences that enrich physical reality with digital information.

Versatile and Practical Applications

Augmented virtual reality has a wide variety of applications in different sectors, from education and entertainment to medicine and industry. For example, in the education sector, students can interact with three-dimensional models of complex objects and concepts superimposed on the physical environment, which facilitates learning and understanding.

Data Visualization and Product Design

Augmented virtual reality is also used to visualize complex data and product design models. Engineers and designers can view and manipulate 3D models of products overlaid in the real world, facilitating collaboration and informed decision making.

Innovative Marketing and Entertainment Experiences

In marketing and entertainment, augmented virtual reality offers unique opportunities to create immersive and engaging experiences. From interactive advertising campaigns to location-based mobile games, augmented virtual reality enables brands and content creators to deliver innovative and memorable experiences to their audience.

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