Ad-hoc Software and Systems Integration

An integrated and customized software solution helps meet the unique needs of a business. Whether it is an internal solution for data management and integration, process control or decision support tools, or a customized application for customer integration with processes, ad-hoc development ensures a result that is fully aligned with business objectives.

What is your objective?

Through software development, not only specific tools can be created, but also the integration and unification of the different systems that make up the digital ecosystem of companies can be carried out, which is usually the result of the temporary evolution of their needs.

How can you help us?

In a technology-driven world, adaptation is the key to business success. Ad-hoc software development and systems integration are two essential tools that can take organizations to the next level.

At Ghenova we have a multidisciplinary team of professionals capable of developing specific solutions that do not exist in the market.

Advantages of ad-hoc software development and system integration:

Improved Efficiency

Automation of manual processes to increase productivity.

Total Customization

Possibility of having a solution that adapts exactly to requirements and needs.

Business Agility

Rapid response to market changes and customer needs.

Higher Profitability

Reduction of unnecessary costs and optimization of operations.

Better Decision Making

Access to real-time, up-to-date data under one platform for more informed decision making.

Operational Efficiency

Reduction of downtime and optimization of resources.

Featured projects


ALGAE Pilot plant

Neste’s algae pilot plant aims to validate the cultivation of algae in open ponds and the harvesting, drying and pelletization of algae biomass in Spain.

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napant projetos site.jpg


The Brazilian Navy builds its new Antarctic Support Vessel. This contract is an important milestone for GHENOVA Brazil to consolidate its leadership in the Brazilian shipbuilding market.

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Estudios ALI para la CDPA del VCR 8X8

ALI studies for CDPA of VCR 8X8

GHENOVA SIMAN performed the FMECA (MIL-STD 1629A), AAF (UNE-EN61025:2011) and Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Testability Analysis (RAMT) studies.

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Engineering References

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The synergy between our business lines and continuous innovation allows us to offer comprehensive and customized solutions to our customers.